Webinar: Doing What Works – Research-Based Practices in Action

High quality instruction is essential to implementing the Common Core State Standards effectively to improve stuent achievement, and effective professional development plays a key role. Join REL West for this free webinar to learn more about the Doing What Works materials, tools, and examples of implementation in actual schools and classrooms. Learn more about the DWW library and register for the webinar here.

Webinar: Research-Based Strategies for Teaching Math to Young Children

Join REL West for a free webinar to learn about research-based math content and instructional strategies needed to support early mathematics learning for students. Nancy Jordan, professor in the School of Education at the University of Delaware and member of the expert panel that developted Teaching Math to Young Children, will present the research-based recommendations highlighted in the guide.

Learn more and register for the webinar here.

Conference: Supporting Student Resiliency in Trauma-Sensitive Schools

This free one-day conference will bring together educators, researchers, child welfare experts, and mental health providers to discuss ways to transform Utah schools into more supportive environments for the many children who experience trauma, affecting their ability to learn, engage, and succeed in school.

Learn more about trauma-sensitive practices and register for the conference here.


The Regional Educational Laboratory West (REL West) at WestEd, serving Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah, is part of a national network of 10 RELs whose mission is to provide research, analytic support, and resources that increase the use of high-quality data and evidence in education decision-making.

Most REL work is carried out in partnership with educators—from state and local decision-makers to district and school support providers and practitioners—through eight regional research alliances.



REL West Handout (PDF)

Looking for REL West Resources from 2006 to 2011?

WestEd has served as the federally funded regional educational laboratory for the four-state western region since inception of the national system in 1966.

The previous contract, 2006-2011, resulted in a significant body of work, including Issues & Answers reports on topics of regional interest, technical assistance briefs, events that brought people together to bridge research and practice, and five long-term experimental studies.

All of these reports and resources are still available here.


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California Nevada Utah Arizona
  • California: 6,226,989 Students, 9,955 Schools, 1,038 Districts -- (CDE, 2012-13)
  • Nevada: 439,128 Students, 663 Schools, 17 Districts -- (NCES, 2011-12)
  • Utah: 612,551 Students, 1,044 Schools, 41 Districts -- (USOE, 2012-13)
  • Arizona: 1,078,180 Students, 2,378 Schools -- (NCES, 2011-12)

REL West alliances address one or more of four critical focus areas in the West Region:

  • Increasing college and career readiness and success
  • Strengthening educator effectiveness
  • Accelerating achievement among English learners
  • Improving school climate and student achievement in low-performing schools

We continuously review our regional research and technical assistance with our constituents to make sure the work is meeting their needs.



A research alliance is a group of stakeholders who share a specific education concern and who agree to work and learn together so they can make sound decisions leading to improved education.

Alliances consist of multiple schools, districts, states, and/or other support partners.

Whatever their composition and particular focus of work, all alliances share the main objective of examining data and evidence to inform change in systems and practices in order to improve education outcomes.



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This free reference desk service from the REL Network provides references, referrals, and brief responses to education questions.



Latest Research Digest (PDF)

Read articles, research highlights, interviews, and event summaries in the semiannual REL West Research Digest, featuring the work of REL West and other federally funded organizations to support improved K-16 student outcomes.

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Previous issues of the REL West Research Digest may be found on the Resources & Tools page.