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Tracy Huebner

The CORE Districts is an existing collaborative of ten districts in California.

Formed in 2011, this alliance—Clovis, Fresno, Garden Grove, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Ana, and Sanger school districts—represents over a million students and includes urban, suburban, and rural school settings in northern, central, and southern parts of the state.

These districts are working together on common challenges and plan to ground their work in a data inquiry model to promote greater use of data and evidence in decision-making, share tools and expertise across districts, and share new knowledge and tools within the state and nationally.

Goals and Objectives

CORE Districts’ goal is to improve college and career readiness and student achievement through coordinated work on Common Core State Standards (CCSS) implementation. CORE Districts has articulated the following strategies toward this overall goal:

  • Increase instructional effectiveness and coherence through Common Core Standards implementation.
  • Improve effectiveness of educators by sharing and implementing best practices in recruiting, placing, supporting, and evaluating teachers.
  • Build systems alignment, coherence, and continuous improvement through a shared data system, technology, and leveraged resources.


Teams from each of the ten districts that include the superintendent; chief academic officer; directors of research, assessment, accountability, professional development, and human resources; and others as appropriate.

Alliance Events and Webinars

Improving Learning Experiences for English Learners and Their Teachers - See more at:
Improving Learning Experiences for English Learners and Their Teachers - See more at:

Effective Expressions Webinar Series, [webinar] December 2014

The History and Future of Special Education: Implementing Quality Services through the Implementation of Inclusive Models, [webinar] May 2014

Common Core State Standards [Mathematics] in the U.S.: Why and What is Next? [webinar] June 2012

Effective Formative Assessment, [webinar] June 2012

Answers to Important Questions about the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards, [webinar] May 2012

The Districts

The pins on the map below indicate the location of the main office of each of the ten partner school districts. Click on the pins for additional data, including the number of students and schools in each district.