Nevada Education Research Alliance

Nevada's on-time graduation rate, at 63 percent, is substantially lower than the nationwide average.In addition, 58 percent of recent high school graduates from Nevada are placed into remedial-level courses in mathematics, English, or both in state institutions of higher education.2  

This Alliance forms collaborative work groups with Nevada’s two largest school districts, institutions of higher education, and community members to work toward two goals—increased graduation rates and increased postsecondary preparation of graduates.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the alliance is to increase rates of high school graduation and participation in postsecondary education without remediation by:

  • Ensuring that teachers — particularly beginning teachers — are prepared to work with students who are at risk of not graduating on time;
  • Trying out and evaluating programs or practices to support students at risk of not graduating from high school; and
  • Examining how indicators of student engagement and progress may be related to students' likelihood of graduating on time and likelihood of being ready for postsecondary education.


The southern work group of the Alliance includes Clark County (Las Vegas) School District, which serves 71 percent of the students in the state; institutions of higher education in that county; and community representatives.

The northern work group of the Alliance includes Washoe County (Reno) School District, the state’s second largest district, serving 14 percent of Nevada students; institutions of higher education in that county; and community representatives.

Alliance Events and Webinars

Nevada Educational Research Symposium, November 2013

Understanding and Promoting Data Literacy in Teacher Preparation Programs [webinar], October 2014

Strength in Student Voices: Truth in Student Experiences, June 2015

Supporting Student Resilience in Trauma-Sensitive Schools, March 2016

Strength in Voices, June 2016 

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