Reference Desk

The REL West Reference Desk provides quick-turnaround answers to pressing education questions from administrators, practitioners, policymakers, and other community stakeholders in our region. These responses reflect the latest research and available evidence, and may include references, abstracts, referrals, and/or reliable website sources that address the topic in question. A growing selection of Reference Desk responses to questions that may be of interest to the region is posted here.

To request research-based information, please send a direct request to REL West, or visit the national Ask A REL website and select REL West.

Requests and Responses

Summary of information on Standard English learners January 2016
Summary of resources on co-teaching for EL students in K-12 settings January 2016
Summary of Resources on Charter Schools December 2015
School Desegregation and Student Achievement December 2015
Implications of attendance in school grading policy and practice; research on improving attendance in high school December 2015
ELP Testing of English Learner Students with Disabilities October 2015
Resources on School Climate for Schools and Districts October 2015
Making Adjustments When Doing Formative Assessment October 2015
Paraeducator Training and Student Outcomes October 2015
Supports for Community College Students September 2015
Research on Parent Liaisons September 2015
High School Grading Policies and Best Practices September 2015
Student Attendance and Outcomes September 2015
The Availability of AP Courses and Student Outcomes August 2015
Information on classroom ratios and legislation August 2015