Reference Desk

The REL West Reference Desk provides quick-turnaround answers to pressing education questions from administrators, practitioners, policymakers, and other community stakeholders in our region. These responses reflect the latest research and available evidence, and may include references, abstracts, referrals, and/or reliable website sources that address the topic in question. A growing selection of Reference Desk responses to questions that may be of interest to the region is posted here.

To request research-based information, please send a direct request to REL West, or visit the national Ask A REL website and select REL West.

Requests and Responses

Incentives for recruiting and retaining teachers and administrators serving English learner students August 2015
Engaging families of young English learner students August 2015
Research on the four-day school week August 2015
Middle school grade configuration (6-8 vs. K-8) August 2015
Middle school performance declines August 2015
Summary of information on collaborative vs. cooperative learning July 2015
Afterschool STEM program evaluations June 2015
Summary of resources on alternative education June 2015
Culturally sensitive curriculum and policy June 2015
Information on district's role in school turnaround June 2015
Summary of resources on measuring implementation and outcomes of school-based practices, policies, and interventions May 2015
Summary of resources on equity and access March 2015
Summary of research on statewide assessment system components November 2014
School breakfast programs and student outcomes November 2014
Essential questions/inquiry-based learning and technology October 2014