Reference Desk

The REL West Reference Desk provides quick-turnaround answers to pressing education questions from administrators, practitioners, policymakers, and other community stakeholders in our region. These responses reflect the latest research and available evidence, and may include references, abstracts, referrals, and/or reliable website sources that address the topic in question. A growing selection of Reference Desk responses to questions that may be of interest to the region is posted here.

To request research-based information, please send a direct request to REL West, or visit the national Ask A REL website and select REL West.

Requests and Responses

Information on training and communication about student learning objectives (SLOs) October 2014
Summary of state guidelines on student achievement for teacher evaluation October 2014
Research on gender differences and student interest in STEM September 2014
Research on criteria used for teacher evaluations September 2014
Research on student learning objectives and student achievement August 2014
Summary of state early childhood guidelines and standards for dual language learners August 2014
Model district policies and program design to support best practices for English learners July 2014
Academic language and vocabulary instruction for English language learners May 2014
Research on the relationship between the rigor of teacher preparation programs and teacher outcomes May 2014
Research on class size April 2014
Research on full-day kindergarten April 2014
Research on year-round education or school calendar modification in elementary schools April 2014
Research on the efficacy of master's degrees for teachers April 2014
Research on the Common Core State Standards and out-of-school time April 2014
Research on testing accommodations for English language learners March 2014