Data Collection and Analysis for Pilot Implementations of Educator Evaluation Systems


  • December 19, 2012
  • Arixona Department of Education
    1535 West Jefferson Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85007


State department of education staff teams from Arizona, Nevada, and Utah met to plan for collecting and analyzing formative data, especially focus group data, collected to document the rollout of pilot implementations of each state's new educator effectiveness evaluation systems.

Prompted by national initiatives, including Race to the Top and School Improvement Grants, each of the three states has passed legislation that sets specific requirements and timelines for implementing the new statewide systems of teacher evaluation and support.

During two previous 2012 seminars, state department teams focused on planning implementation, including developing reasonable timelines for piloting and exploring new approaches, and determining how best to obtain formative feedback. Specific goals for this third seminar were to:

  • define research questions to be answered by different practitioner groups (e.g. teachers, administrators, district staff), and
  • define appropriate protocols for gathering and analyzing these data.

The day's activities included a presentation on principles for collecting implementation data via focus groups versus surveys; developing focus group and survey questions; conducting focus groups; and examples of survey and focus group instruments used in recent implementation studies in other states.

A second presentation focused on principles and methods for analyzing, summarizing, and presenting data collected via focus groups. Participants engaged in team activities to draft focus group questions and end-of-year survey questions to study their pilot implementations.

For more information about this event, please contact Reino Makkonen,, 415-615-3356.