Understanding and Promoting Data Literacy in Teacher Preparation Programs


  • October 17, 2014


Today's instructional materials, assessments, and other reports generate more data for teachers than ever. But making that data useful for instruction — what some have called "turning data into information"— is not always easy.

In this webinar, data literacy national expert Ellen Mandinach presented recent research on and promising practices for how teacher preparation programs can cultivate data literacy in teachers.

Designed to help teacher preparation faculty in Nevada institutions of higher education adjust courses and instruction to ensure that graduating teachers are data literate and prepared to use data effectively, the presentation focused on what teachers are expected to know and be able to do with regard to data collection and interpretation.

Underpinning the presentation was information derived  from three projects—a Spencer Foundation convening, the Gates Foundation Data Literacy Conference, and the Dell Foundation Schools of Education Project. Specific webinar topics included defining data literacy; understanding the skill set required to collect, interpret, and use data; issues related to effective use of data; and next steps.

For more information, please contact Mary Peterson, mpeters@wested.org.