Using Data to Inform Local Early Warning System Implementation


  • May 12, 2015
  • Salt Lake City, UT

Using Data to Inform Local Early Warning System Implementation


This event, hosted by the Dropout Prevention Alliance for Utah Students with Disabilities in conjunction with American Institutes for Research, was geared toward helping Davis School District staff to identify students who are most at risk of not completing high school through the use of an Early Warning System (EWS). REL West first provided an overview of EWS to establish a common conceptual understanding and language across the district. REL West staff then presented descriptive data analyses to help district and school staff understand local predictors of graduation, and facilitated activities and discussion to help participants consider specific indicators to use in their EWS. Finally, REL West worked with alliance member school teams to help them plan for EWS implementation, focusing on reviewing and interpreting student data, and assigning student interventions. 

The primary audiences for the event were select Davis School District staff (e.g., assessment, student services, and equity departments) and school staff (e.g., administrators, counselors, and teachers) from the three pilot schools in the district (one high school and two junior high schools).

Speakers included: 

  • Lindsay Poland, Researcher/Technical Assistance Coordinator, American Institutes for Research (AIR)
  • Dean Gerdeman, Managing Researcher, American Institutes for Research (AIR)




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