Engaging Families: Strong Family and School Partnerships


Engaging Families: Strong Family and School Partnerships


Academic Parent Teacher Teams (APTT) is a national model for engaging families in education. Since 2010, multiple districts from around the country have started implementation of APTTs as a means to boost student performance and exceed Title I family engagement requirements. In this session, participants examined the essential components of family engagement models and the APTT model that are linked to increases in student achievement. Participants gained insights to a diverse number of schools/districts that have implemented APTTs, as well as research-based tools and resources. As a result of their participation, attendees:

  • Learned about the connection between family engagement and school and district improvement
  • Increased awareness of current research on family and community engagement practices
  • Learned about the National Dual Capacity Building Framework and its application in schools

Who attended:

LEA staff, parents, principals, other school-level administrators, teachers, family engagement experts


  • Kimberly Allen, Senior Research Associate, Comprehensive School Assistance Program, WestEd


This session was part of the Nevada Stateside Parent and Family Engagement Summit, sponsored by the Nevada Department of Education. To learn more about the Summit, please visit their website or contact John Rice at jrice@wested.org.

To learn more about engaging families and the Academic Parent Teacher Teams model, we invite you to watch a recent REL West webinar series hosted by the English Learner Alliance.