Video: Making Meaningful Use of Teacher Effectiveness Data

Video: Making Meaningful Use of Teacher Effectiveness Data


September 2015

Every year, thousands of teachers across the country are evaluated on how well they're doing in the classroom. But the usefulness of these annual evaluations, which were often no more than a perfunctory checklist, has been widely called into question. Beginning in 2009, in response to changes in state and federal policy, nearly two-thirds of states began shifting to more sophisticated systems of teacher evaluation using multiple measures. With more complex sets of information to draw from, school and district leaders can create systems of feedback and continuous growth that improve teaching and, most importantly, student learning. What do these systems look like and how can they work? This three-and-a-half-minute video offers insights drawn from a range of recent research and told through the experiences of one fictional teacher, Bianca, and her fictional principal, Venus.

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This video was produced through the Educator Effectiveness Alliance. Learn more about the alliance at this link.