Research Digest: Making Meaningful Use of Teacher Effectiveness Data


September 2016

Over the last several years, states and districts across the country have spent major time and effort developing and implementing new systems that use multiple measures to evaluate teachers’ effectiveness. The aim of this work—which was largely driven by federal policies—is to have more rigorous and comprehensive evaluations that reflect the complexities of teaching, raise expectations for teaching, and, ultimately, help improve instruction and student learning. 

To gain a first-hand understanding of how districts are actually using their new teacher effectiveness data, REL West has engaged in several research projects over the last few years in the West Region. This Research Digest gives a round up of those studies and studies by other RELs, with a deep dive into a five-district study in Arizona. The Research Digest also details recent REL West workshops to help principals learn effective ways to use teacher performance data for targeted decision-making.