Fredrika Baer

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer Fredrika Baer collaborates with staff to produce print and electronic products that reflect the WestEd look and feel with the highest quality of design integrity.

A member of the Communications Department, Baer is responsible for layout and production of numerous WestEd products. She also preps images, staff photos, and PDFs for the agency website. Her desktop publishing skills include Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop as well as extensive Internet-related experience.

Baer did the layout and production for several best-selling WestEd publications, including Resiliency: What We Have Learned; The Map of Standards K-5 and The Map of Standards 6-12; and Making Math Accessible to English Learners.

Her work involves collaboration with many WestEd programs. For the Comprehensive School Improvement Program, she helped produce training modules, including those for the Local Accountability Professional Development Series (LAPDS), designed to help turn around low-performing schools and districts.

For the agency's Innovation Studies program, Baer was responsible for the design of a series of guidebooks produced for the U.S. Department Education's Office of Innovation and Improvement. These products, disseminated nationwide, focus on such topics as charter schools, magnet schools, and assessment of online learning programs.

She also works on WestEd's Policy Perspectives, an influential series of papers presenting diverse visiting authors' own views and/or research on issues relevant to schools and communities nationwide.

Baer was a key member of the "Scaling Up LAPDS" Team that won the 2008 Annual Award for Exceptional Contribution to the WestEd Community. This cross-program, cross-country, cross-departmental team "ramped up" LAPDS services and reinforced WestEd's reputation as a premiere research, development, and service organization providing high-quality, responsive, research-based services that meet the pressing needs of schools and school districts nationwide. In 2000, Baer and her Communications Department colleagues won the agency annual award for their successful efforts in helping staff produce high-quality products.

Baer received graphic design certification from the University of California San Francisco Extension Center.

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