BethAnn Berliner

Senior Research Associate

As a Senior Researcher and Project Director at WestEd, BethAnn Berliner focuses on school and community-based interventions for student success. Since joining WestEd, her work has contributed to the academic and behavioral growth of at-risk K–12 students; knowledge and skills of the adults who support them in school and community settings; and policies for promoting their academic success.

Partnering with schools, universities, government and community agencies, and foundations, Berliner’s research informs policy and practice, particularly for student groups with significant achievement gaps. Her areas of expertise include dropout prevention, students without homes, students in foster care, students with disabilities, students enrolled in alternative schools, and multiple pathways for postsecondary transitions.

Her current work includes leading an alliance of schools and agencies in Utah focused on reducing dropout rates and increasing graduation rates. Together, as a learning community, alliance members use data and evidence-based practices to strengthen policy and practice.


As a result of her leadership, Berliner’s research on dropout recovery has been widely cited. Working directly with underserved communities, her work has resulted in a number of beneficial after-school, tutoring, mentoring, gang prevention, and youth development programs.

Prior to joining WestEd, Berliner directed a number of programs for assault victims, youth offenders, students with disabilities, and homeless families.

Additionally, as a research historian and archivist, she curated photograph and manuscript collections and authored studies of 19th and 20th century school reform.

Berliner serves as a board member at agencies in her community.

She received an MA in social history from the University of Colorado and an MPA in public policy from San Francisco State University.


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